In June 2009, the Board of Supervisors passed Resolution 2009-08, creating the Lackawaxen Township Fire Commission.  Since then, the original enabling resolution has been amended several times.  However, the Commission has always remained true to its charter to support the Township’s volunteers in providing safe, effective and efficient emergency services to our residents by addressing the issues of administration, utilization of assets, fund raising, training, equipment, recruitment and retention. 

Our membership now consists of the Central, Forest, Greeley and Lackawaxen Volunteer Fire Departments as well as Lackawaxen EMS Squad 21.  Each member nominates a department and civilian delegate to serve on the Commission.  Civilian delegates are not department members.  There is also one Supervisor representative as well as one civilian delegate nominated by the Board of Supervisors and one civilian delegate nominated by the Department/Squad members and the Supervisors for a total of 13 Commission members.  In addition, two non-voting student representatives from the High School Emergency Responder Club have been added to improve communication and open dialog with our young people who we hope will be the next generation of volunteers.

Consistent with its Mission and Vision Statements, the Commission is working to promote a mutually beneficial relationship between itself and the respective membership for the betterment of all Township residents.  This has already resulted in insurance savings for the Department/Squad members, efficiencies in their respective fund raising activities and savings on fuel costs for their vehicles.  However, there is more that can be done and plans are underway to further the Commission’s accomplishments on behalf of its members, including applying for grant money from the federal government to help with their recruitment and retention efforts.

Your help in assisting us to achieve these goals and make Lackawaxen Township the safest it can possibly be is welcome.  You can keep current on the Commission’s plans and activities at its web site,, as well as check meeting dates and locations.  All residents of the Township are welcome to attend.  In addition, there are interactive links on the web site to help keep you up to date on what is happening at each of the member Department/Squad locations.  The Commission and its members would love to hear from you, either by e-mail or in person.


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